Turon ( Banana Spring Rolls)

I’m craving of turon, another Filipino snack. I love it especially when it has lots of jackfruit. My husband loves it very much! .I’ve found the perfect recipe for this from BUSOG! SARAP!. Coating the bananas and jackfruit with generous brown sugar will give you that delicious toffee glaze outside the turons.


12 pieces of spring roll pastry

6 saba bananas

6 pieces of jackfruit, sliced into strips

1 cup brown sugar

2 cups cooking oil

1.  Peel fresh saba bananas and cut each banana into 3 slices.

2.  To make the corn flour paste, mix 1 tspn of corn flour into 2 tbspn water.  Microwave for 5-10 seconds and stir well once you take it out.

3.  Coat the slices of bananas and strips of jackfruit with brown sugar.

4.  In a large plate, layout  the spring roll wrapper with one of the corners facing you.

5.  Place 2 slices of saba bananas and about 4-5 slices of jackfruit in the middle of the wrapper.

6.  With the corner facing you, fold it over and tuck it in underneath the filling.

7.  Fold the sides and tightly roll the wrapper away from you.

Smear some of the corn flour paste on the expose corner and complete the roll.

Heat the cooking oil in a medium saucepan and deep fry the turons, lower heat if the turons are browning too quickly.  Cook till its golden brown.  Please drain in a large metal sieve as placing turons in absorbent kitchen paper towel will result in pieces of paper sticking to the glaze.  Serve immediately. 


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